The result of your questionnaire show that you were born with a Vata body type.

Vata intelligence carries the qualities of dry, rough, light, irregular, mobile, cold and space. These qualities manifest in an individual at the physical, mental and emotional level as below:Physical:  You have a naturally light build and struggle to put on weight, have cold hands and feet, a tendency to dry skin, hair and nails. You are naturally active with lots of ideas. You are enthusiastic and artistic. You are a light sleeper. You like a warm climate.

Digestion:  You have variable digestion and sometimes you feel like eating, sometimes not. You have a tendency towards constipation, gas and indigestion.

Mental & emotional:  Your mind is always active but you find it difficult to speak your mind. You are very sensitive and emotional. You have a tendency towards anxiety, worries, insomnia and disturbed sleep.

To keep yourself in balance you should try to incorporate the following routines into your daily life:

However, based on your present answers you are suffering from a Vata imbalance.

To return your body to balance you should adopt the following routines:

Vata Vrikriti

You should follow these routines every day for at least a month or until you feel your body is back in balance.

Therapeutic products to keep you in balance

Beauty products for your skin

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