Dr. Ajit

Australasia's most experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.

Dr S. Ajit (B.A.M.S, P.C.A.S) graduated as an Ayurvedic Charya from the Government Ayurvedic College Patiala (GAC Patiala) Punjabi University. He has worked selflessly as a Government Ayurvedic Medical Officer. He is a leader in the field of Ayurveda and a Panchakarma specialist, clinician and has also worked as an Ayurvedic pharmacy inspector in order to uphold and promote the Ayurvedic science in its traditional state.

Dr. Ajit is the founding director of Ayurda Wellness and is known for his passion towards Ayurveda and highly respected by his clients for his in-depth logical Ayurvedic interpretation and his ability to correlate Ayurvedic Principles with Western Medicine. In addition to all this Dr. Ajit, is working hard to uphold the traditional Ayurvedic Science in its original form and working towards creating high standards of education and practice of Ayurveda in the western world.

He is the founding patron of Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (Australia & New Zealand) and the President of the International Council of Ayurvedic Medicine (the body outside India for creating uniform standards of Ayurveda in the West). The New Zealand health industry awarded him with lifetime achievement award in recognition for pioneering and establishing Ayurvedic Medicine in New Zealand.

Together Dr.Ajit and his wife Rippan were inspired to re-create the traditional beauty secret recipes from the 5,000 year old Vedic Scriptures and develop a skin care product range that is safe, natural and effective named “Ayurda®”.

Ayurda® skin care products are based on the ayurvedic expertise and clinical research of Dr. Ajit.

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'Ancient Secrets' by Dr. Ajit

"Ancient Secrets" emerges from the pen of our own Dr. Ajit, serving as a compass for those journeying towards wellness through Ayurveda. Rooted in the wisdom transmitted across generations of Ayurvedic experts through ages, this book furnishes timeless instructions that seamlessly align with contemporary living. It directs you in tailoring your daily rituals to target your individual health matters. As these concerns often have deep-seated origins, no instant solutions exist; yet, as you adopt a regimen attuned to your unique constitution, the enduring advantages will progressively unveil themselves.

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"I have been visiting Planet Ayurveda and Dr.Ajit for over 20 years now.

Throughout this period I have found each experience very restful, peaceful and practical.  Whether I am having an Ayurvedic massage or simply there for a consultation with the Doctor the result is always satisfying and reassuring.  When I am feeling  insecure about the state of my health and I think Vata Dosha is out of balance I know it is time to visit Dr.Ajit.  Being a holistic based experience the Doctor will run through my diet, emotional health, take my pulse, and make very practical and insightful suggestions.  If herbal remedies or old fashioned home remedies are needed then that will be indicated, then it is up to me to put the suggestions into practice.

I am very grateful to Dr.Ajit and his team for all the care, love and attention they have shown over the years.  I have a greater understanding of my body and emotions due to practicing Ayurvedic medicine."


"I was introduced to Planet Ayurveda by a friend in 2006 or so and have been going ever since. When I follow Dr Ajit's advice my health always hugely improves. Dr Ajit's recommendations work very well but you have to follow them if you want great results. The therapeutic treatments have been of great benefit to me. The ones I normally have are the Katibasti, massage and steam, and shirodhara. As someone who drives a lot and plays violin the katibasti has been excellent in curing my back problems and preventing them from reocurring. The massage and Shirodhara help me release tension and feel relaxed. I find they have a calming affect, putting both body and mind into a well balanced state. Many thanks to Dr Ajit and the team for the great care I have received over the years, and am still receiving! 💜"


“My treatment was great. I had a Moksha, a full body massage followed by a steam session. This was my first time receiving a massage from a male therapist and I felt energized and relaxed at the same time!"

P. Kay

"15 years ago I had the privilege of having an appointment with Dr Ajit at Planet Ayurveda and so started my Ayurveda journey of self care, with the added awareness of knowing which foods suited my body type. I am now 85 and thankful to still be an active healthy person, which I feel is the result of having embraced all the simple routines that Dr Ajit taught me. 

Thank you Planet Ayurveda."

Annette Leach Hamilton

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