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How do they work?

During a consultation, Dr. Ajit will assess your body type and state of mind, identify the causative factors responsible for any imbalances (such as lifestyle, diet & environmental factors at work & home), and assess which areas of your body have been affected.

Dr. Ajit is known for his skill in the diagnosis of these problems through non-invasive techniques such as pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, iridology (developed by Dr. Ajit, based on Ayurvedic texts) as well as psychological, physiological and lifestyle factors.

After this diagnosis, he will structure a personal program, normally followed for one-month before returning for a follow-up consultation after this time. Your follow-up consultation/s are advised in order to make any necessary adjustments to your program.

In normal circumstances, 3 to 4 visits are all that is required to achieve the goal of a healthy and well-balanced life.

In a 1-hour consultation you'll receive:

Diagnosis regarding your current state of health using Pulse Point, Tongue Analysis and Iridology.

Guidance on how to look after your unique (doshic) body type.

Personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Herbal supplements and bodywork to compliment your diet and lifestyle changes in alignment with your body type and current health issues.

   What makes Ayurvedic consultations unique and effective?

It’s patient-centric

We treat the person, not the disease.

We look at the underlying, root cause of the disease

We never mask the symptoms, but instead work to heal and prevent.

It’s bio-individual

Tailored to your unique DNA make-up ( Prakruti )  

A tailored approach

We understand that everyone is unique.

It’s all natural

There’s no risk of side effects.

Receive self-knowledge

Personal advice you can use for a lifetime of balanced health by gaining insight into your unique body make-up.


Don't let ongoing health issues impact your daily life. Move forward with self knowledge you can use for a lifetime of balanced health.

If you're ready to put your health issues in the past, book a Consultation with Dr. Ajit.


Happy Clients.

Dr. Ajit has given us a much deeper understanding of how the foods we prepare and eat can nourish our bodies. We have a much greater appreciation of how hard it is for our bodies to stay healthy let alone balanced and our role in helping that process along. We leave with a clear headedness that is refreshing and a lightness of step that makes us happy and satisfied. With deep appreciation to the staff at Planet Ayurveda, we are just beginning on our journey to nourish our minds and bodies amid all the stresses of the world outside this sanctuary.

- Abby O'Neil & Dr. Carol Joynes

Having worked as a Project Manager in the construction industry one develops the ability to recognise the Master Tradesman out of the group of journeymen, apprentices and others. Dr Ajit is certainly a master of Pancha Karma. We are lucky to have Dr Ajit in NZ as a vehicle for this knowledge and I recommend the Ayurvedic treatments for all.

- Kevin O'Connor

I have suffered from prolapse disc since almost 1.5 years. This time I had to go to the hospital and I was advised to get the disc operated. Found this heavenly place on google and met Dr. Ajit.

He guided us with various massage treatments and within 2 months and just 6 appointments, I could walk again without crutches. And not just small distance I am talking about up to 2 kms. My physio and the team of doctors at the hospital were amazed with my progress. I was given 1 year to recover but Dr. Ajit and his wonderful team at Ayurda did it in just 2 months.

My family and I are so grateful to everyone here who have helped making this miracle happened.

Lot of love - Kanika

 I appreciate Dr. Ajith with reverential respect for listening to me, acknowledging and understanding my feelings and emotions.

He empowered me to understand the root cause of my health issues and works in partnership to enrich my life and living. Soon, Ayurda became a retreat, to better my being.

Next to my bed lies a copy of Dr. Ajith's book "Ancient Secrets..."gifted by my mum stating " This book of Dr. Ajith is the most valuable and richest inheritance to you , my dear son!" which I refer quiet frequently. Sincere gratitude and best wishes to Dr. Ajith and his incredible team, to thrive and contribute greatly for the well being of humanity! Nga mihi. Arohanui

- Rohit. A

Dr. Ajit helped me resolve a recurrent and deadly eye inflammation issue called as Uveitis. I suffered from this condition for 3.5 years.

My left eye would regularly inflame causing vision loss, floaters in the eye, pain, headaches and many more challenges.

The eye inflammation started impacting on my work and on my ability to drive.

Dr. Ajit provided a holistic treatment through a daily routine and eye drops. This helped me to combat my eye condition. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Ajit’s advice. He has given me my eyesight back.

- Vij. K

Dr. Ajit is amazing! He spoke to me about the real causes of my problems and gave me a program to follow that would help me eradicate my issues from the root. No western medical doctor has done that before.

Thank you and highly recommend Ayurda.

- Kriti. R

It was a relief to meet Dr Ajit and finally get a diagnosis for my symptoms and within a week I am feeling much more stable, calm and digestion settled. I also purchased Dr Ajit's book and can recommend this too.

- Rose. W

Dr Ajit is able to quickly detect upcoming issues as well as solve current ones.

We're lucky to have his expertise and experience to draw upon.

- Martin. B

Amazing massage and shirodhara. I feel so much better after seeing Dr Ajit and having these treatments.

He has also helped my son overcome bad eczema and breathing issues.

Can’t recommend highly enough.

- Kate. L

Highly recommended. Dr Ajit's knowledge and ability to empower you to support your own wellbeing is awesome.

Most grateful for this clinic.

- Michael. W

As a result of consultations with Dr Ajit and treatments at the Ayurda clinic/wellness center, my health has radically improved. Not only have some specific illness issues resolved but my overall wellbeing is steadily becoming stronger than it has been for a very long time.

This is “healthcare” as it should be.

Dr Ajit imparts a wealth of knowledge and advice with compassion and integrity and advice that is clear and understandable. His Ayurveda recommended regimens are practical and empowering as can be implemented in ones daily life ongoing.

- Ketana. S

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