Discover your Ayurvedic skin type.

Take the quiz below and get $60 off your skincare sample kit.

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This quiz will help you determine your dominant Dosha, the building block of your skincare routine. Your dosha represents your energetic imprint, your bio- individuality. It's what makes you, you. 

From your results, we recommend your most appropriate skin care choices based on your dominant dosha and email you a report providing honest advice on how you can achieve healthy glowing skin and ideal wellbeing.

Discover your Ayurvedic Skin Care

Simply select the boxes/symptoms below that best describe you and your skin.

1. About your skin

Tell us about your unique skin.

(1) My facial skin

(2) My skin tendency

(3) My skin imbalances

(4) Skin breakouts

(5) The skin on my body is

2. About your body

Tell us about your body health as this also helps us understand your skin health.

(6) My body frame is

(7) The texture of my hair is

(8) My appetite

(9) My sleep patterns are

3. About you

In Ayurveda, your skin, your body and your mind are all connected and they affect each other, tell us about yourself.

(10) Intellectually I am

(11) Stamina, I find my

(12) My temperament

(13) When I get stressed out I

(14) The pace of my life is

(15) Overall personality

Please fill in the following details to help us customise your Ayurda skincare program.


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