Pancreas & Diabetic Health

Ayurvedic support to help maintain a healthy pancreas, and concerns around diabetes.

Agnitone (TGA Capsules)

Agnitone (TGA Capsules) 60 Hard Capsules

Relieve symptoms of indigestion with herbs traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine

$46.00 NZD
Approx $29.28 USD

Gluco-Ton (TGA Capsules)

Gluco-Ton (TGA Capsules) 60 Hard Capsules

Assist glucose metabolism with Chromium

$46.00 NZD
Approx $29.28 USD

Liverol Strong

Liverol Strong 60 Capsules

Supports liver health

$38.00 NZD
Approx $24.19 USD


Gluco-ton 100g

A combination of the best ayurvedic herbs known for their action to support the pancreas to normalise the production of insulin.

$30.00 NZD
Approx $19.10 USD


Meshashringi 200g

Promotes metabolic wellness

$17.00 NZD
Approx $10.82 USD

Diabet Guard

Diabet Guard 100g

Herbal support for blood sugar management

$20.00 NZD
Approx $12.73 USD

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