$38.00 NZD
Approx $23.17 USD

Size: 400g


Taking care of your family’s health is easier with Herbo-vit.

Herbo-vit is enriched with herbs and fruits such as Amla (known to have 30 times more Vitamin C than oranges!) as well adaptogens such as Ashwaghanda, Arjuna and Guduchi. Arjuna is known for its anti-oxidant and digestive aid, while Guduchi holds immune boosting and anti-inflammatory strength. 

These powerful vitalisers are hidden behind a delicious taste with the help of natural, unrefined jaggery.

Herbo-vit supports your family’s health, immunity, stamina and vitality, all while boasting purely natural ingredients.

Crafted for ages 5 - elderhood, Herbo-vit makes looking after your health, tasty. 

Mix it with a warm glass of milk before bed, or use it as a health-conscious sugar substitute in baking, coffee, teas, smoothies or your morning oats!

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