The pressures of modern life can impact our skin more than we realise. You might struggle with dull or dry skin, oily skin, or even acne-prone skin. Skin toners from Ayurda might be the answer you’ve been looking for to combat your most troubling skin woes.

Renew your dull and dehydrated skin with our Rose Mist hydrating toner, or enjoy the gentle, soothing exfoliation of our exfoliating toners with rose and basil. Explore our skin and body toner range and give your skin a helping and healing hand to be at its best once more.

Blackberry Astringent

Blackberry Astringent 125ml/4.2oz

An antiseptic toner that detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates oily, acne-prone skin and reduces open pores.

$27.50 NZD
Approx $17.39 USD

Rose and Basil  Toner

Rose and Basil Toner 125ml/4.2oz

A calming, aromatic toner to gently exfoliate, soothe, rehydrate your skin after cleansing.

$27.50 NZD
Approx $17.39 USD

Rose Mist

Rose Mist 160ml/5.4oz

An aromatic mist with organic rose petals that renews dull, dehydrated skin and uplifts your senses.

$14.97 NZD
Approx $9.47 USD

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