In a world of increasing complexity, more of us are seeking out simplicity.

We see that healing lies in connection - with ourselves and with nature. We seek balance and alignment, honouring and respecting the intuition of our body.

We understand that beauty is more than skin deep; that it takes a holistic approach to feel good, age well, and live fully. 

We created Ayurda to share the science of life and longevity with you, supporting your journey to wellness with treatments and products that reactivate your own natural resilience to the pressures that come with modern ways of living.

It's hard to know where to start with so many different opinions telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.


At Ayurda, we put the intuitive wisdom of nature back at the centre of self-care. Embracing the time-honoured ethics that were innate to the ancestors who came before us, we are inspired by a simple and personalised approach to wellness. 

Ayurda translates to bestower of longevity. Our approach isn’t about quick or cosmetic solutions. Rather, our guiding ethos is to help people feel in control of their health and support their physical energy, and in doing so, unlock inner radiance and beauty, feeling their best from the inside out. 

Our practice and products recognise we are all different, unique in how we think and feel, and therefore in how we heal. Our philosophy is to work with the individual needs of your body, enhancing, rejuvenating and awakening.


Ayurda was co-founded by Dr Ajit and Rippan Sandhu in 1996, originally as a practice known as Planet Ayurveda. Having migrated from India, they had a vision to bring the principles and lifestyle of Ayurveda to New Zealand and saw the opportunity to share this knowledge, that was so intrinsic to their way of life, with others who were open to receiving its wisdom and benefits. Their knowledge was well-received; they could see that Planet Ayurveda’s success was a reflection of New Zealanders’ desire and willingness to embrace this ancient system of healing. In line with their vision, their practice has since become recognised as a founding institution for Ayurvedic knowledge in Australasia.

Now as one of Australasia’s most experienced Ayurvedic physicians, Dr Ajit has been supporting clients to achieve wellness through consultations and teaching for over 30 years. He is highly respected for his logical Ayurvedic interpretation and his ability to correlate Ayurvedic Principles with Western medicine. 

Recognising the wider potential of Ayurveda to help more people restore balance and beauty, Rippan and Dr Ajit championed the development of Ayurda Skincare, the first authentic brand to use therapeutic ingredients rather than just a few Ayurvedic herbs. Rippan was inspired by the intuitive beauty rituals of her mother and generations of women before her; taking guidance from a time which revered a more natural approach, with simple yet effective and precise blends.

Evolving into a wellness centre encompassing health consultations, therapeutic treatments, natural health supplements and skincare, Ayurda offers a truly holistic, individually tailored approach to wellness that honours the needs of everyone’s unique journey to health and healing.


Sometimes called The Mother of All Healing, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest health systems still in use today. From its earliest origins, Ayurveda is a system which looks at the whole individual, not just the symptoms they are experiencing in the present.

It's about finding balance in all aspects of life.


About DR. Ajit

About Dr. Ajit 

Australasia's most experienced Ayurvedic practitioner is our co-founder. With over 43 years of experience guiding individuals with their health issues and sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda with his students in New Zealand and Australasia, his passion continues to unfold in his daily life. 


About Ayurda Skincare

About Ayurda Skincare 

Think of our skincare as a self-love ritual, nurturing your largest organ with natural goodness unique to your doshic skin type. Guided by the three pillars of beauty in Ayurveda, Ayurda skincare empowers you from within, offering you more than just skincare. 


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