Skin Rejuvenator

$69.95 NZD
Approx $45.27 USD

Size: 65gms/2.3oz

RRP NZD$69.95

Soften and smooth your skin with the ancient advantage of Saffron.

This Skin Rejuvenating cream continues the long tradition of using Saffron to cool your skin and add a healthy glow. In addition, the cream includes additional ingredients chosen for their complementary effects, including sesame oil to soften skin cells and lotus liquorice to add essential hydration.

  • A nourishing cream formulated for dry skin
  • Trust in turmeric to make your skin light and bright
  • Rose petals that are relaxing, fragrant, and offer natural cleansing and moisturising 
  • Ayurvedic benefits include adding a glorious glow to your skin
  • Responsibly formulated - as kind to the environment as it is on your skin

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