DIY Valentine's Day Glow

By Rippan Sandhu

The one accessory that never goes out of style is a bright, healthy glow. Whatever you have planned this Valentine's Day, be it a fun outdoor date or an intimate dinner, beautiful glowing skin is a signature beauty statement that money just can't buy. This Valentine's day, make your date wonder about your glow with these DIY face masks, cleansers, and toners -- all made from ingredients right in your pantry!


If you have a couple of too ripe bananas hanging out in your fruit basket -- don't throw them out! Bananas are packed with powerful antioxidants and nutrients, and can be a powerful moisturiser for thirsty, mature, and dry skin. Ripeness is the key here -- find the softest banana you have, mash it into a paste and mix with milk to achieve a looser consistency. Apply to your skin and leave on for up to 20 minutes for an at home cure for dark spots, redness, and inflammation. Follow up with a nourishing cream to lock in the moisture - try Ayurda's Skin Rejuvenator.


Ayurveda has always known of the beautifying powers of rose water, which is packed with antioxidants and anti-irritants. Combine the powers of rose water with a dash of cucumber juice and a drizzle of fresh lime for added vitamins and good acids -- the type that promotes faster skincell turnover. This is a clarifying toner that you can pat on to your face and let dry by itself to draw out impurities and promote brighter skin. Follow with a nourishing moisturiser -- we love Ayurda's Almond and Saffron for that extra glow!


There's a reason why we think of ancient beauty icons like Cleopatra bathing in milk. Powerfully reinforced with numerous proteins, biotins, and vitamins, raw milk does double duty not only in promoting collagen turnover to boost skin elasticity, but also as an all natural exfoliator to tighten up pores. Simply add a pinch of salt and a drizzle of lime into raw, unboiled milk, and massage on to skin with a cotton round in gentle circular motions. This will draw out deep impurities without irritating sensitive skin. Follow up with a light moisturiser to lock in the hydration, such as Ayurda's Dew Drop Moisturiser.


The humble tomato is full of powerful vitamins, antioxidants, and naturally occurring acids that minimise sebum production, therefore controlling oily skin to clear up acne. Next time you're making your weeknight pasta, reserve a couple tablespoons of tomato juice for your night time routine! Simply whisk and apply to breakouts, blackheads, and redness. This is a powerful anti inflammatory that works to brighten your complexion naturally. Follow with a nourishing cream to restore hydration. We love our night cream, Ayurda Radiance, to add an overnight sheen to your skin

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