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Ayurvedic COVID After Care

As we know, the pandemic is still among us and is likely to be a persistent issue. We have slowly managed to come to terms with this however there has since been increasing concern towards the after- effects of COVID-19 and how we might be able to alleviate this stress.

Studies show that the effects of COVID, even after we seem to have healed, hold long term issues such as fatigue, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating and joint or muscle pains. This issue, often termed Post-COVID-19 syndrome, involves new, returning or ongoing symptoms that may present themselves up to a year after catching. Some have even identified that symptoms begin to show again after returning to strenuous exercise too soon. These issues are thought to be related to the inflammation of internal organs and problems with the immune system.

Slowly bringing ourselves back into an Ayurvedic state of balance and building our routine once again can be crucial in our long term recovery of the virus, alongside the importance of recognising the gentle recovery that our body needs from such an attack.

 Here are a few tips for your gentle post-COVID self care:

We asked Dr Ajit what he would recommend for further support of individual/family immunity and repair. Here are his suggestions:

For Adults:

For Children:

For Everyone:

Remember to be kind to yourself.

We hope that you and your family stay safe and full of life.

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