4-step process for a successful spring body cleanse

By Rippan Sandhu

After the winter months our bodies can feel sluggish and we don’t have as much energy as we usually do. Feeling this way has almost become a normal way of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we don’t feel well, we focus on external factors like treating the symptoms with medication instead of listening to our internal wisdom about what our body needs.

We all have a ‘digestive fire’ that has to digest every sound, sight, smell, emotions and thoughts we are exposed to. It’s no wonder that we are feeling sluggish! By doing an Ayurvedic cleanse, we focus on resetting our digestive fire.

Who should do a cleanse?

If you have digestive difficulties, irregular bowel movements or your lack energy or feel tired, if you have trouble sleeping or focusing, you feel cloudy, then an Ayurvedic cleanse is right for you.

Here is our 4-step method for a successful cleanse.

1. Plan ahead
Make sure you are doing it over a weekend or maybe a holiday period. Determine how long you want to do it for.
1-3 days is the standard but you can also do it for up to 21 days.

Plan your meals and support strategies. What are you doing to do during your cleanse? Are you doing it with a friend or on your own?

2. Simplify diet and grab supplies
Limit sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol before you start your cleanse. Grab your favourite oil for self-massage, a tongue scrapper and everything you need for Kitchari, the main food you will eat during your cleanse.
Here is our favourite recipe
You will eat kitchari for every meal during your cleanse.

3. Active Cleanse
During your active cleanse time, it’s a good idea to slow down. Process the experience, meditate, do some gentle yoga. Be compassionate with yourself. Have lots of rest – take a bath, come in for an Ayurda Spa ( massage, take naps.  Make sure you drink a lot of warm or hot fluids – warm water or cups of delicious herbal tea.

4. Transition back
When you come out of your cleanse, go slow and ease back into your normal routine. You body may feel sensitive so it’s important that you don’t rush out and eat a whole pizza after your cleanse. Ease back into your normal life slowly and enjoy feeling rejuvenated and restored.

Look back and process your cleanse. What did you learn about yourself? How do you feel?

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