Going Beyond Organics

We believe that just offering organic skin care is not enough. We go "Beyond organic", which means that our products have a natural energy, purity and an integrity that comes from not only how they're made, but also where and by whom. The purer the source and the process, the purer Ayurda products will be and therefore infused with natural healing energy.

We follow traditional ancient methods of cultivation that pay attention to the energy of the area in which the plant is grown and how the lifestyle of the people growing herbs have impacted its growth.

Ayurda's organic natural skin care products encompass:


Everything in our products is natural and comes from a plant or mineral - nothing else. Beyond this, we seek an exceptionally high degree of purity in every ingredient, every process and every blend. We call our approach 'Beyond Organic' and it's vitally important because only when we work with people and products that harness the healing energy of natureonly then we, in turn, create products that truly nurture.

We work in direct, fair relationships with the farmers and growers who supply us our ingredients. We support growers from remote communities, as they are likely to follow ancient techniques and have the most harmonious relationships with Mother Nature.


The tradition of ancient Ayurvedic healing techniques revolves around the concept of restoring and maintaining our natural energy. In other words, Ayurvedic techniques not only work on re-balancing our own energy but also on bringing us back into harmony with the living, breathing universe in which we exist.

We believe that the concept of balance goes beyond restoring our own energies. Being in balance means existing in harmony with the wider world, which is why our products are not only free of synthetic chemicals but also go 'Beyond Organic'. That means they are produced from start to finish with the highest degree of integrity and respect for the people and environments from which they hail. Wherever we work, we work in respect and partnership.

Our principles of sourcing extremely pure ingredients and working directly with growers and farmers who have a balanced and harmonious relationship with the nature are vital to the efficacy of our products. The way the plant is processed can also have a critical role in preserving its natural qualities. Many beauty products only use the active constituents from natural products. Isolating these constituents involves complex processing which can change the quality of the product and can have a totally different and sometimes damaging effect.

We strive to harness the energy of Mother Earth and in so doing, refresh and revitalise your skin by restoring your natural balance.


At Ayurda, we believe that changes happen when we use the power of nature to restore energy and bring vitality and balance. This power is often called 'Higher' or 'Vibrational' energy - it is earth's life force. Harnessing this kind of energy is at the heart of many ancient cultivation methods or healing principles. To harness this power, Ayurda products not only undergo a blessing ritual twice but the people involved in growing and harvesting use the force of vibrational energy.

Even in something as simple as skin care, working with very pure, natural ingredients, means that our products hold a high degree of vibrational energy. This energy is both harmonious and powerful. When absorbed by the skin, it works on the finer energies of our bodies, to have a deep healing and balancing effect. It's not enough for products to be organic or chemical-free. We believe that they should promote wellbeing at the deepest level - because only through this kind of nurturing can skin be truly nourished and find its glow.

We take pride in our organic skin care products. Browse our store to view our natural skin care range.

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