Tongue Scraper - Copper

$9.90 NZD
Approx $6.41 USD

Size: 1x Copper Tongue Scraper

Have you ever noticed the white coating on the back of your tongue when you wake up?

This is waste product from the metabolic processes that take place while you sleep. If not removed, this waste will be re-absorbed, allowing toxins to accumulate in the body, to the detriment of your health.

This is why Dr. Ajit, Australasia’s most experienced Ayurvedic specialist, recommends tongue scraping as part of your daily wellness routine.This simple practice is a direct way of removing toxins (called Ama) from your physiology.

Tongue scraping should be done as soon as you wake up to prevent waste re-absorption and to help improve communication between your body and your food.Dr. Ajit highly recommends using only a copper tongue scraper as this metal is highly cleansing and detoxifying and does not react with the toxins.

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