Tea Sampler Pack

$35.00 NZD
Approx $21.45 USD

Size: 30g Net

When it comes to tea, there are always so many options available that it can be difficult to know where to start. As a solution to this problem, we have packaged all of our wellness teas into one handy pack so you can try them all!

Box contains 12x Loose-leaf tea sachets
2x Vata Tea
2x Pitta Tea
2x Kapha Tea
2x Hibiscus Rose Tea
2x Slimming Tea
2x Calming Tea
1x Tea Strainer

Ayurda wellness teas look different from what you may be used to, and this is because they are. Carefully hand-blended from real, raw, unprocessed and only natural sun-dried ingredients, Ayurda teas are caffeine-free, with distinct tastes and aromas, without any artificial flavours or additives.The ritual of making and drinking tea is satisfying to the soul - so enjoy a cup of this herbal tea to begin your day, or when you need a moment to pause during your busy day, and savour the moment with Ayurveda inspired peace.

Please note - Hibiscus Rose Tea is not suitable for pregnant women.

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