Silver Anti-Acne Treatment Duo

$159.90 NZD
Approx $103.49 USD

Size: 2x 65g

RRP NZD$159.90

This duo helps to cool and purify, making it an ideal treatment for acne or pimple prone skin.

Silver Gel
Silver has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its cooling and healing properties. Toning and purifying Lodhra and Himalayan wild cherry, when combined with pure silver foil, helps to build skin's natural integrity and results in clearer, happier skin. This a wonderfully unique treatment for acne and pimple prone skin. Pimples are caused by excess heat in the skin tissue and increased sebum/oil production. This treatment helps to lower the core temperature of the skin, shrink the acne/pimple and prevent its re-occurrence.

Magic Touch Cream
This cream is a wonderful ancient formula for acne, pimples and oily skin. It is a cooling cream, which helps to bring the temperature of skin to normal. Chandan (Sandalwood) is one of the key ingredients which helps to soothe the inflammation of pimples, shrinking them and preventing them. 'Magic Touch' is a skin beautifying formula to gently rebuild the skin's inner strength to avert future damage. Regular use gives skin a youthful smooth look and feel.

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