Pitta Balance & Soothe Programme

$274.85 NZD
Approx $168.46 USD

Size: 3x100ml, 1x50g

Our Balance skincare programme designed for Pitta skin types will leave your skin feeling refined and repaired while enhancing your natural beauty from within. This programme includes 4 premium full size products, all customised for your skin's optimal needs:

100ml Purifying Cleanser with Cucumber and Basil (previously called Cucumber and Basil Cleanser)
Gently removes impurities whilst cooling the skin.

100ml Purifying Toner with Blackberry and Amalaki (previously called Blackberry Astringent Toner)
Contains astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic herbs and helps to soothe inflammation and treat pimples.

100ml Skin Renewing Moisturiser with Almond and Saffron Moisturiser (previously called Almond and Saffron Moisturiser) - Skin Renewing Moisturiser acts to soften skin.

50g Magic Touch with Manjistha and Turmeric
This is a skin beautifying formula to gently rebuild the skins inner strength and may be used as a spot cream or treatment at night to calm and clear skin of blemishes.

"Such an impressive Ayurvedic skincare range for all skin types. Ayurda has something for every one and I know I will be recommending it to all my actors."
Cassie Hanlon - Film Industry Make-up Professional

"I have sensitive, dry skin and have always had problems finding a complete range which didn't react with my skin. My skin hasn't glowed like this with any other product; my journey to find a product that suits me is complete!"
Melissa D, Natural Therapist, South Australia

"These ayurvedic skin care products make my skin glow. The Cucumber & basil cleanser is perfect and the Almond & saffron moisturiser is delicious. I have sensitive skin and this range makes it feel protected and nourished."
Simone Kessell, Actress

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