Nourish & Renew Sample Kit (For Vata - dry or mature skin)

$139.00 NZD
Approx $81.90 USD

Size: 3 x 30g, 1 x 30ml

RRP NZD$139.00

The Vata Nourish & Renew Sample Kit includes 3x 30g and 1x 30ml bottles - a cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and night cream all customised for your skin's optimal need.

Vata skin is typically characterised by excessive dryness, dark spots and freckles. If left untreated, Vata skin imbalance manifests in the form of flaky, dry skin, dullness, often alongside signs of premature aging.

Our Introductory Vata Nourish Skincare Kit is a grouping of four, Ayurvedic doctor selected Ayurda skin care products, which used regularly, will begin to nourish your Vata type skin into feeling and looking rejuvenated and supple. The sample kit easily lasts for a 3-week period, long enough for your skin to reap benefits and for you to see how your skin responds to this new routine.

The Vata Nourish skincare sample kit includes:

Nourishing Cleanser with Hingot and Turmeric - 30g
Provides hydration whilst cleansing deep down.

Hydrating Toner with Rose and Basil - 30ml
Will provide balance whilst the aroma will help to calm nerves.

Revitalising Moisturiser with Rose and Lotus - 30g
Replenishes lost moisture.

Skin Rejuvenating Cream with Saffron and Khus - 30g
Provides nourishment and can be used day or night.

Our Vata Nourish skincare programme will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated while enhancing your natural beauty from within.

"I have always suffered from dry skin, thanks to my nourish program I now feel hydrated and even my beauty therapist has asked what I am doing to make my skin so good. Thanks Ayurda I am so glad I found you."
Megan Sutherby - Mother of three, South Australia

"I love using Ayurda, it really resonates with my values. It’s all natural and earth friendly. After using this range I feel fresh and my skin glows with health. My friends have all commented on my skin of late, which makes me feel good."
Kelly B. - Art student, Victoria

"This wonderful product is the proverbial breath of fresh doesn't depend on abrasive or invasive techniques to get results, the products are naturally fragrant and they work. My skin is glowing and radiant with health and vitality that only such a natural skin care like Ayurda can produce."
Anne H - Mother and Careers Expert, Victoria 

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