Kati Basti

Treatment Duration: 60 minutes

Treatment Available in Parnell

$140.00 NZD
Approx $95.54 USD

Dough is shaped into a small ring, placed over the affected area and then filled with heated, medicated oil. The warm oil penetrates the stiff muscle tissue, softening and relaxing and allowing the natural movement of the muscle to remove the build up of waste. The warmth also promotes blood flow to the affected area which supports the healing process and prevents atrophy and tightening of the surrounding muscles resulting from inactivity. Once the oil is removed the therapist will massage the whole back, paying particular attention to the affected area, which further softens and relaxes these tight muscles. Finally, the treatment concludes with a jet of herbalised steam over the entire back, which enhances the effect of the treatment and helps to take the oil deeper into the muscle tissue.

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