Initial Consultation - Limited Offer

$175.00 NZD
Approx $107.26 USD


During a consultation Dr. Ajit will assess your constitution, identify any imbalances in your body and the causative factors'responsible for them (such as lifestyle, diet & environmental factors at work & home). He is known for his diagnostic skill through the ancient techniques of pulse, tongue examination and'iridology (developed by Dr. Ajit, based on Ayurvedic texts). After this diagnosis, he will structure a six stage program based on changes to lifestyle, diet and environmental factors, therapeutic herbal preparations and Ayurvedic bodywork treatments. The focus of this programme is to enhance awareness, rather than rigidly follow a particular programme. The programme is designed for one month, after which time a follow up consultation is recommended to fine tune its results. Dr. Ajit says that to achieve perfect balance and health, all that is required is a sincere effort to make simple changes in our lives.

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