Gold Anti-Ageing Treatment Duo

$92.24 NZD
Approx $58.32 USD

Size: 2x 65g

RRP NZD$184.49

This duo helps to make the skin soft and glowing. Great for dry or ageing skin.

24 carat Gold Gel
24 carat gold leaf floating in healing Aleo Vera gel is a traditional Ayurvedic beauty secret for radiant youthful skin. Toning and purifying Lodhra and Himalayan wild cherry rejuvenate stressed skin, giving a beautiful radiant glow. 24 carat is the purist form of gold. Our gold leaf is so pure it dissolves into the top layer of the skin and when mixed with the pure Aloe Vera gel it has wonderful healing properties.

Skin Rejuvenator Cream
Prolonged use of this cream helps to make the complexion clean and clear, prevents signs of ageing and reduces dark circles, marks and other signs. This helps to make the skin soft and glowing. A powerful blend of herbs makes this beauty cream a balanced diet for the skin. It provides nourishment that tones and rejuvenates the skin's appearance. Regular use helps prevent aging and dark shadows. Perfect answer for Vata-Pitta, and Vata-Kapha body types.

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