Copper Water Bottle - Patterned

$60.00 NZD
Approx $36.94 USD

Size: 900ml

Introducing our Copper Water Bottle – where elegance meets wellness in a single sip!

Crafted with precision and adorned with timeless charm, this copper vessel effortlessly combines style with health benefits. Embracing the age-old tradition of storing water in copper, this bottle not only adds a touch of sophistication to your hydration routine but also brings a plethora of well-being advantages.

Revel in the natural antimicrobial properties of copper that aid in purifying your water, while the sleek design ensures you carry your hydration companion with pride. From its eco-friendly appeal to the potential immune-boosting benefits, every drop from this bottle whispers the tale of a holistic and refined lifestyle.

How can you benefit from drinking copper-infused water?

• Purify your water with coppers natural anti-microbial properties 
• Anti-oxidant properties which are considered to be anti-cancer.
• Boost your immune system with the support of healthy red blood cell production
• Aids in the management of hypertension.
• Supports healthy thyroid gland function.
• Helps the body metabolise iron, reducing the risk of anaemia.
• Has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce arthritis and inflammation of the joints.
• Reduce the risk of infection and helps with wound healing
• Supports healthy digestion.
• Support for cardiovascular health.
• Anti-oxidant properties also helps to control the aging process.
• Copper aids electirical conductivity increasing the efficiency of signals in the brain.
• Aids in weight management.

Also available without the patterned design

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