Autumn Detox - Ajwain Ark

$15.00 NZD
Approx $9.24 USD

Size: 200ml

Autumn Detox (Ajwain Ark), a natural tonic prepared from Ajwain (Carom seeds), is a traditional digestive and metabolic aid for flatulence, hyperacidity, abdominal spasms and low appetite.

This traditional formulation is helpful in stimulating the appetite and enhancing digestion, is also a powerful herbal tonic which will help your body absorb nutrients from your food, relieve bloating, strengthen your metabolism, while its bitterness will fire up sluggish digestion and appetite.

Ajwain Ark acts as a powerful detoxification drink to enhance your overall metabolic wellbeing in addition to helping ease gastrointestinal issues which are common during the colder months. No adverse effects observed at recommended doses.

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