The result of your questionnaire show that you were born with a Kapha body type.

Kapha intelligence carries the qualities of heavy, dull, thick, cold, slow, smooth and oily. These qualities manifest in an individual at the physical, mental and emotional level as below:

Physical:  You have a naturally large build with broad shoulders, smooth skin and big, charming eyes. You are slow to start but once you do, you keep going, slowly and methodically until the end. You often feel cold. You love food and don’t like to exercise much. You hair is often thick and curly.

Digestion:  Your digestion is slow and sluggish. You have a tendency to overeat. You don’t mind missing meals but you always eat well when you do. You like sweet things. You have a tendency towards water accumulation, coughs and colds, being overweight and diabetes.

Mental & emotional:  You are naturally a very patient, happy and contented person. Caring for others comes very naturally to you. You have a tendency towards lethargy, a lack of enthusiasm and depression.

To keep yourself in balance you should try and incorporate the following routines into your life:

However, based on your present answers you are suffering from a Kapha imbalance.

To return your body to balance you should adopt the following routines:

Kapha Vrikriti

You should follow these routines every day for at least a month or until you feel your body is back in balance.

Therapeutic products to keep you in balance

Beauty products for your skin

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