The Immune System

Unlock Your Immune System's Potential with Ayurda

Have you ever felt the frustration of putting your life on hold because of an unexpected health setback? It happens to the best of us. But what if there was a way to fortify your immune system, so you could avoid those hard stops and live with vitality?

At Ayurda, we understand the importance of maintaining a robust immune system. We believe in a holistic approach to health that includes ancient wisdom and modern science. Discover how Ayurvedic herbs can empower your immune system, keeping you strong and resilient.

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Understanding the Immune System

Immunity, derived from the Latin "immunis" (free or untouched), is our body's armor against harmful invaders. It's a complex network of organs, tissues, proteins, and cells, all tasked with discerning friend from foe. This intricate system also manages the disposal of damaged cells, primarily through the lymphatic system, which includes the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes.

Ayurvedic Wisdom for Immunity

Ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic health, aligns immunity with digestion and a substance called "ojas." Ojas, often described as the innermost sap of the body, embodies clarity, strength, endurance, and tissue longevity.

Enhancing Ojas involves:

• Nurturing your digestive fire (agni)
• Ensuring quality rest and sleep
• Managing stress effectively
• Engaging in suitable exercise
• Crafting a supportive daily routine
• Pursuing your passions
• Cultivating loving relationships
• Embracing herbal support
• Our Commitment to Quality

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Elevate Your Immune System with Ayurvedic Power

Discover seven key Ayurvedic herbs known for their exceptional immune-boosting properties.


The Rejuvenator - Amalaki, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a potent rejuvenator. It's packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, fortifying your immune defenses.


The Heart of Wellness - Hridaya, or Arjuna, supports cardiovascular health, enhancing overall well-being and indirectly boosting immunity.


Nourishing Feminine Vitality - Shatavari is a cherished herb for women's health. It nurtures feminine vitality, balances hormones, and bolsters the immune system.


The Immunity Elixir - Guduchi, often referred to as the "Amrit plant," is a potent immune booster. It detoxifies the body and enhances resistance against infections.


The Holy Basil - Tulsi, the sacred basil, is a powerful adaptogen. It helps the body adapt to stress, promoting a robust immune response.


Stress Reliever Extraordinaire - Ashwagandha, the stress-relieving superstar, not only calms the mind but also nourishes tissues and strengthens immunity.


Spice Up Your Defense - Pippali, or Long Pepper, spices up your immunity. It aids digestion, clears respiratory passages, and supports overall health

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Ayurda's Immune-Boosting Formulas

Elevate your well-being with Ayurda's specially crafted formulas designed to supercharge your immunity:


The Rejuvenating Elixir - Chyawanprash is a time-tested elixir that rejuvenates the body and mind, promoting overall vitality and immunity.


Vitality Unleashed - Herbo-vit is your go-to formula for promoting immunity and vitality, helping you stay active and energised.

Dashmoola Churna

Herbal Detoxifier - Detoxify with Dashmoola Churna, a blend of ten potent herbs that cleanse the body, supporting a healthy immune system.


The Immunity Fortifier - G-Defence is your ultimate immunity booster, reinforcing your defenses against external threats.


Banish Fatigue - Say goodbye to fatigue and tiredness with Ashwagandharista, a rejuvenating tonic that revitalises your body.

Immune Guard

Immune Guard (ARTG capsules) contains zinc which is an antioxidant to reduce free radicals formed in the body. Zinc supports immune system health and general health and wellbeing. It also contains Guduchi, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve body strength.

And there's even more in our Ayurvedic arsenal to explore. Elevate your immune system and overall well-being with Ayurda's time-tested remedies.

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Ayurda Quality Standards

At Ayurda, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality organic herbs. Our herbs are sourced sustainably and traded fairly, ensuring you receive nature's best.

Revitalise your immune system with Ayurda and embrace a life of vitality and resilience.

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