What's Your Valentine's Dosha?

By Rippan Sandhu

All of us agree that love is the most important thing in life! Sadly, falling in love is not always easy and finding the right match is definitely not a simple task – in fact, finding that special person to share our lives with can be quite a challenge!

In search for our fairy tale and our very own happily-ever-after, all of us could do with a little help and guidance. Way before we determined that men came from Mars and women from Venus (or was it the other way around?), Ayurveda gave us a special little tool to help us know our very own Prince Charming or our Cinderella is right for us. Surprised? This millennia old way of life not only helps us live better – but also love better! Do you know what Dosha your partner belongs to? Take our skin quiz and come right back to know a little more about what it’s like to love them!

Vata - The one with the cold hands but warm hearts!

Don’t let their thin fragile frame fool you – Vatas are a bundle of spontaneous and lively energy. But because their energy bursts out in sudden bouts, so does their fatigue - quick tip - they all appreciate a quick shoulder rub every now and then. Stay on board with their exciting plans but always be prepared for a sudden change or a quick surprise detour every now and then. These changeable and anxious beings are quick to forgive and super easy to love.

Enjoy the Vata love and bask in the lovely and mesmerizing conversations this Valentine’s day!


Pitta – The one with the inner fire!

Indulge in an intelligent conversation about the makings of the universe or have an intense yet exciting debate (be prepared to lose!), your Pitta partner will always have you at the edge of your seat. Be it their insatiable want for a super organized life or their ability to take a precise decision at the precise moment, you will never get enough of a Pitta. They will convince you to discover the world with them but don’t let them trick you to take part in that hot curry challenge – they don’t always have the appetite for spice (as much as they think they do)

Enjoy cooling with ice cold lemonade while at the beach and get lost in the open sky!


Kapha – The natural lovers!

Stay in bed a bit longer and pour your heart out to a Kapha and see their pupils slowly turn into hearts! These devoted and loyal partners are not only keepers but are sure to be your parents favorites so be prepared to lose your clan to them. They don’t trust easily, but once you’ve gained their trust, it’s hard for them to ever doubt you, even for a second! Keep them excited with a quick run or a nature-filled hike every now and then and see their love blossom!

Enjoy a quiet candle light dinner with a home cooked meal followed by a nice romantic movie!

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