What’s all the hype about Turmeric?

By Rippan Sandhu 

Turmeric is no longer just an Ayurvedic secret pearl of goodness – it is now one of the most sought after, widely researched and highly demanded commodities in the world back up by modern scientific research. Turmeric only seems to be gaining more popularity - and for good reason!

Turmeric, also known as the “holy powder” has numerous benefits both internally and externally. It’s used in many forms - in the form of fresh juice, boiled tea, tinctures, or powder, and externally as creams, lotions, pastes, and ointments.

Not convinced just yet? Here are Ayurda’s top 3 reasons why you should be saying a big yes to turmeric!

1. Cancer, who
Curcumin – a polyphenol found in turmeric is known to block cancer development from the most basic to the most advance level. It’s also known for its ability to kill cancer cells without affecting normal cells. It may also have the ability to reduce tumour size and prevent cancer from spreading. This breakthrough has made turmeric a must have in your kitchen!

2. Good bye Inflammation
The magic polyphenol compound found in turmeric is also known to reduce inflammation when consumed confirmed by recent studies that state that people who have added turmeric into their meal plans have experience reduced pain and inflammation in their joints and increased mobility.

3. Hello Beauty
Because of it anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is known to be an age old solution to acne, scarring and cuts and burns. Just dab a little bit or organic turmeric on an inflamed acne, a fresh cut or a rash and see it disappear overnight! Its known to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and skin pigmentation. Try our Turmeric Face Mask for glowing skin .

From promoting digestion to creating a natural radiant glow on your skin, the endless benefits of turmeric make it a must have in your healthcare routine!

And that's not all - here are some more benefits of Turmeric that you may not know of!

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