Two ways to use Rose in DIY skincare

By Rippan Sandhu

Any time is a good time for self-love if you ask us, but February, the month dedicated to all things romance, gives us just another reason to pamper ourselves. It can’t be denied that 2020 was especially tough, and all that stress and anxiety first show their signs on our skin. So this Valentine’s month, give yourself the gift of time and indulge in these easy, DIY skincare rituals that hero February’s favourite flower - the Rose! 

Rightly known as the Queen of Flowers, the charm of this delicate bloom goes beyond its heady fragrance and beautiful, velvety petals. Rose personifies romance, luxury, and pure indulgence. With its ability to soothe the ‘Sadhak Pitta’ that governs our emotions and the ‘Brajaka Pitta’ that controls the biochemical processes of our skin, Rose has been considered to be a key skincare ingredient in Ayurveda. Used in ancient Ayurvedic concoctions for centuries, Rose petals have been known to heal wounds, soothe skin inflammations, and act as a potent antibacterial agent. 

So whether you have a Valentine’s date planned or not, buy yourself a bunch of fresh Roses this February and incorporate them into your skincare regimen for naturally glowing skin. If you were looking for that secret ingredient to take your at-home skincare to the next level, this is it! 

Make your own Rose Water 

Natural Rose Water is one of the easiest ways you can incorporate the goodness of Rose in your skincare routine. It is an excellent skin toner and moisturiser that helps to get rid of excess oil while keeping the skin hydrated and refreshed. When used after cleansing, it acts as a pore tightener and helps soothe skin irritations. Rose Water is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin but also acts as a hydrator for dry skin types prone to eczema. While it may sound like an exotic skincare ingredient, Rose Water is actually easy to make at home. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Buy a fresh rose and separate the petals from the flowers. Rinse petals in water to remove any dirt. 

2. Add petals to a pot with just enough water to cover the petals and simmer them for 20-30 minutes on medium to low heat until the petals change colour. 

3. Take the mixture off the heat and let it cool completely. Strain the fresh Rose Water into a glass bottle to store in the fridge for a few weeks. 

4. Pour a little bit of the solution on a cotton pad and dab it on your face and neck after cleansing and enjoy this cooling, aromatic sensory treat! Use this Rose Water as it is or add a few drops of glycerine for a more hydrating effect.
5. If you’re pressed for time, but still want your skin to enjoy the benefits of Rose Water, our hydrating Rose and Basil Toner is a great alternative. 

Rose petal body polish

Feeling extra indulgent this weekend? How about whipping up your own body polish with a few basic pantry items? This gentle scrub with fresh Rose petals and oats is just what you need to get that unmistakable natural glow. Rose hydrates your skin while oats offer mild exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and supple. 


1/4 cup Rose petals 
1/4 cup of oats 
1 tsp water 
1 tsp milk

1. Blend rose petals and oats in a blender until they are thoroughly combined. 
2. Add water or milk and make a paste that’s easily applicable on your skin. 
3. Apply and gently scrub this mixture onto your face, neck, and body using circular motions and rinse with cold water. 

We hope these quick (and may we add, romantic!) Rose-inspired skincare recipes give you that extra motivation you needed to start caring for your skin this year, beyond the sweet excuse of Valentine’s day!

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