The Perfect Date - According to Your Dosha

By Rippan Sandhu

Whether this is your first date or an important anniversary, the perfect date is in the eye of the beholder and varies from person to person. One person's must-do is another's must-avoid, so one of the key to putting together the right date is to understand your significant other's Dosha.

You might not be surprised to know that Ayurveda, being such an ancient philosophy, is not just a blueprint for your health but a lens through which you can understand and relate to your partner on a deeper level.
Here are our easy suggestions to help make this Valentine's Day your best one yet!


Free spirited, fun loving, loquacious, and a natural explorer. Your Vata isn't one to be locked down by a bullet pointed itinerary, so don't even try! Instead, plan for adventure. Lean into your Vata's natural spontaneity by carving out a big block of time, with a destination in mind but no specific pathway. Conversation is a Vata's aphrodisiac, so skip the movies, the symphonies, and the ballet anything that requires quiet is a no go! Instead, plan your day around something that encourages you to get to know each other if it's a first date, or a good environment for the conversation to go deep instead of wide, if you've been together a while. We love the idea of a chatty brunch at a busy cafe to start off your day, and maybe a show later in the evening. Those free hours in between are perfect for anything that strikes the mood -- just as your Vata would like it.


Direct, punctual, fiery and passionate, the Pitta Valentine wants someone who can match their fire and rise to their particular standards. Don't be afraid to let a little competition sneak into your date night dynamic it just adds an extra spice of excitement for a Pitta! A fun game of competition in a sport you both enjoy is the way to go, don't expect them to let you win, but do expect to put up a hard fight! A Pitta loves to be challenged, and if you can do that then you are well on your way to wining their heart. Follow up your game with an even bigger meal, Pittas get cranky when they're not fed full of good hearty food. Showing your Pitta that you care enough to put in the effort indicates to them that you are ready to rise to their standards and in return, they'll more than exceed yours.

Strong, sensitive, consistent, a rock in the rushing river. Don't mistake their dependability for dullness if your Kapha has said yes, then they have said yes! You'll never have to wonder how a Kapha feels about you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put in the effort to wow them in return. Kaphas are natural listeners, and often feel more comfortable with a slow pace and a comfortable environment, in which they can really get to know you better, gradually and deeply. Skip the concerts and busy bars instead, tap into their love of food and conversation with a daytime market that lets you sample delicious artisanal cooking and more importantly: each other.

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