Spring Cleanse - The Ayurveda Style

By Rippan Sandhu

I am sure that all of you are getting excited with the coming of spring. It is the time everyone has the chance to be active and really enjoy life after the cold, slow & dull winter. Many of us use this time to spring clean our homes, cleaning out the sluggishness of the cold months. Those of us who have better awareness also see this as a time to de-toxify or ‘spring clean’ our bodies. Spring is the official invitation for you to shed those extra winter pounds and flush out the toxins accumulated from the cold and damp winter. According to Ayurveda, it’s a perfect time to rinse out Ama- Toxins from your everyday life. If your Dosha are imbalanced, you are likely to feel heavy, grumpy, overstretched, with not enough hours in the day. The wisdom of Ayurveda shows us a path to live in balance through some simple steps...

A fundamental requirement of our body which we often overlook. Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda realized the importance of an adequate oxygen supply and developed a specialized breathing technique called “Pranayama” – the science of breath control. This controls the vital life energy “prana” and helps in the prevention of major diseases and to cure minor seasonal illnesses. By simply taking 10 minutes out of your day and doing some easy breathing techniques, you can change your life. Just count to 5 as you inhale and 5 as you exhale and take a pause in-between to rest, to delight and live in the moment.

Detox your body
Your organs also need a break. Give them a pause through some simple and easy ways.

Increase the intake of water
Start your day with this ancient detox recipe. Jump start your morning with a full glass of warm water and add 1 table spoon lemon juice and add a little honey for taste. Try this for next couple of weeks and you will feel much lighter and energized than ever!

Simplify your meal
Try cutting out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy & red meat. Ayurveda recognises these foods as Aamavisha (Toxic food) which actually disrupt the natural balance of the immune system. Have you fallen sick when winter changed to spring & spring to summer? If the answer is yes- It indicates Aamavisha has accumulated in your system and therefore you can’t respond to seasonal change with normal flexibility. Take the advice of an Ayurvedic expert, who can design a diet plan for you to get your natural balance back. Eat more food that are Pungent (Spicy), bitter, Light, dry, warm such as hearty soups , brown rice or steamed veggies.

Lifestyle Tips
According to the Ayurvedic principle, one should detoxify the body at the end of every season, before the new season begins. Make sure you are getting enough Sleep during the night and optimizing your sleep pattern. Optimal sleep doesn’t mean you can go to bed late and wake up late... So make sure you are in bed before 10pm and up before 6. This will maximize your natural propensity to cleanse.

Plan your Dincharya (Daily Routine)
• As explained earlier, start your day with the Glass of warm water infused with Lemon juice & honey.
• Self massage with Warm raw sesame oil or get regular Ayurvedic Massages. Regular Ayurvedic massages helps to improve the energy flow throughout the body.
• Exercise in the morning to boost your immunity and increase the circulation. In other words any heavy physical work or sport try to schedule it in the morning.
• No computer use after your dinner as it will stimulate your doshas. Instead of watching TV read your favourite novel or simply sit and talk with your loved one!
• Try to fast once a week! Ayurveda recommends a one day fast will give Agni a chance to burn the Ama( toxin build up) accumulated in your system. Start with a light fast and take vegetable soup during the day. Then slowly develop a habit from 3 soups to 2 and then one for the one day weekly or fortnightly. You will notice that your concentration is improved and you feel more balanced and calm in your mind while fasting.

We hope these wellbeing tips will help you to create the harmony among your doshas and you may enjoy optimum health & wellbeing during the season.

Happy Cleansing!

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