Small gestures going a long way this Mother's Day

Do you know a mum who is rushed off her feet looking after kids, cooking, cleaning and running around? I think we all know someone or it could even be you. Many mums don’t even realise that Mother’s Day is coming up soon because they are so busy running around after everyone else.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could chip in and help mum out, not only on Mother’s Day, but all year round. There is no reason why the kids can’t help around the house in age-appropriate ways. But how do you encourage them to get involved?

Even young kids can help out by tidying up their toys or taking their dishes to the kitchen. It will eventually become a part of their routine. Kids love to be ‘helpers’ so giving them a special name or title will help encourage them to participate. If you do the chores with them and show them how to do it, they will be more likely to stick with it. On Mother’s Day, Dad or another family member can help them to give mum a break.

All kids (and adults!) love to get praise for the work they have done so when you make a big deal of the amazing things they have done, they will be more willing to do it next time. As they get older they can do more difficult chores.

No one loves doing housework but when you share the load, mum gets a break and the kids learn vital life-skills at the same time!

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