Panchkarma vs. Colonic Irrigation

By Dr. Ajit

What is the difference between Panchkarma & Colonic irrigation?

 Colonic irrigation is a direct cleansing of the colon using either soap or coffee mixed with water. It is like cleaning a blocked drain pipe but unless you investigate the cause of the blockage it will inevitably re-appear. Secondly, toxins are not just in your colon but are found in the body's deep muscle tissue and organs. If you do not try to dislodge the toxins from these deeper tissues and bring them to the gastro-intestational tract for removal, then we are only doing half the job. Third, most of the solutions used in the colonic irrigation process can aggravate Vata in the colon because they make area drier & rough, leading to more problems.

Panchkarma, on the other hand, works to dislodges all the toxins from the deep tissues and brings them to the GI tract to flush them out. Secondly, the enema used in Panchkarma are prepared with warm oil infused with medicated herbs & fortified with products such as ghee, honey & black salt that gently collect the toxins from the colon and remove them from the body.

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