Mum’s Perfect Nap for Mother’s Day

By Rippan Sandhu

The perfect gift for mother’s day doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact it doesn’t need to cost anything. Why not give mum the gift of a few hours of peace and quiet so she can relax and have a beautiful nap?

Here are 3 ways to set the mood:

1. Peace and quiet
It goes without saying that a quiet location is essential for a peaceful nap for mum. Block out any external noise, arrange a fun playdate for the kids and take her phone off the hook for a few hours. This can be hard to do but trust us, it will be worth it. The world will survive without mum for a while!

2. No screens!
Not only should you take her phone off the hook, don’t let her use them at all for a good few hours before her nap. Our brains get overstimulated with excessive screen time. Put some gentle music on instead to help mum relax and get in the flow.

3. The best time for a nap depends on her dosha.
You may think all naps are created equal but if Mum is a pita she will want to be up and alert when the sun is at its highest. Kapha mums tend to be night owls so they will want to get their nap in early so they are wide awake later.

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