Is your skin Winter ready?

By Rippan Sandhu

Let’s accept it. Winter has a bad reputation. Apart from chilly wind and cold weather, it terribly messes up with our skin too. You may notice that your skin is losing the natural luster and overall perhaps you may be feeling anxious and restless at times. According to Ayurveda Winter is the season when VATA rides higher than usual in most people's physiology Increased Vata can result in dry flaky skin, chapped lips and dry, brittle hair.

Fortunately, Ayurveda gives us some easy skin care tips, which is likely to give you flawless skin during winter months.

Here are our top picks

1) Be hydrated throughout a day. Keep drinking pure warm water to purify your system. Ideally, you must start your day with a hot water infused with lemon and honey -power packed with some incredible health benefits.

2) Avoid all kind of cold, processed, canned and frozen food. They are heavy to digest and include harmful toxins. You may be using expensive skincare products but if diet is wrong-, it is going to show up as skin blemishes and pimples.

3) Avoid spending too much time in front of dry air blowers or heaters.

4) Protect facial skin from both cold winds and drying air from heaters with a rich natural moisturizer , apply the moisturizer at least twice a day, once after your cleansing routine in the morning and again before you go to bed.

5) Give yourself a loving warm oil massage- you will be amazed to see how a simple Ayurvedic routine of self-massage results in radiant skin. It improves the blood circulations and drains the accumulated toxins in the body tissue. Take a warm water bath after you perform a self-massage.

6) Eat health fats like olive oil or clarified butter (Ghee). Avoid all raw uncooked cold salads.

7) Apply warm organic milk to your face at night and rinse after 2-3 minutes, thanks to its fats and lactic acid, “it has tremendous moisturizing, softening properties"

8) Get enough sleep – go early to bed and wake up early. At least 8 hours of sleep is essential.

9) A good hydrating toner can save your skin. Like Ayurda rose mist toner - a gentle spray that smells good and feels great! Roses are known to balance PH level of your skin, makes your skin super hydrated and super soft..

10) Last but not the least – use a natural scrub to get rid of dead skin at least once a week.

11) DIY Face pack: Take a tablespoon of chick pea flour (available from indian grocery stores), mix it with 1 table spoon of full cream milk and honey. Apply on clean face. Keep it for 10 mins and wash off with warm water. This works wonderfully for any dry winter skin.

Take Care
Rippan and team at Spa Ayurda

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