Incorporate a face mask into your beauty routine

By Rippan Sandhu

After the winter has zapped all the moisture out of your face, get ready for spring and summer by applying a facial mask once or twice a week . Ayurda glow face pack is wonderful, this is one of Ayurda’s most versatile face masks and can be used by all skin types.

Ayurda glow Face pack brings a lustrous glow to the skin. Regular use aids in your skins defences from damaging conditions such as dust, heat, cold and ultraviolet rays.

You can mix Ayurda glow face pack with yogurt for a deep cleanse and nourishment.

Yogurt is not only healthy for the digestive tract thanks to probiotics like L. acidophilus but another special ingredient, lactic acid, works to remove dead skin cells from the face, reduce pore size and moisturize.

Take care,
Rippan and the Ayurda team.

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