How to Conduct a Quick Head Massage

By Rippan Sandhu

The key to the perfect head massage for dad is a relaxing and calming environment. Does he have a favourite spot in the house? A favourite chair, a favourite view? Whatever it is, take the time to make the setting sing before beginning — it’ll make all the difference in the world.

Once you’re both settled, it’s time to get into the massage!

1. Warm oil is a must in an Ayurvedic massage, and many of the oils in your pantry will do the trick! Almond, coconut, or cold pressed sesame oil are perfect for head massages. Heat up the oil of your choice by placing it in a small bowl, then submerging in a larger bowl of hot water — your very own double boiler in a minute!

2. Cup the oil in your palms and let it drip to the centre of his head. Massage the oil into his scalp using your fingers, in circular motions. Gently massage your way forwards and to the sides from the centre of his head.

3. Grasp fistfuls of hair at the roots and tug gently from side to side, keeping your knuckles close to his scalp. Squeeze the temples with the heels of your hands with slow, firm but not hard! Movements.

4. Massage the back of his neck by squeezing and rolling the muscles. Begin at the top of the neck and work your way downwards, using your thumbs and a gentle rubbing motion.

5. Using medium pressure, squeeze the muscles in the shoulders at the base of the neck until you feel him relax. This could be a place of special stress, so concentrate on deeply massaging the muscle tissue until you feel him relax.

6. Finish with a gentle ear massage using the residual oil!

Remember, he knows you’re not a professional! We promise you that just showing the effort to help him relax is sure to warm your dad’s heart this September. Whether you’re a natural or not, he’d love the gesture.

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