Holiday Season Survival Guide

By Rippan Sandhu

It can be difficult during this last minute Christmas rush to find the time for yourself each day, but here at Ayurda, we believe that skincare is self-care, and self-care is self-love. Those ten minutes in the morning, especially for a busy mum, can really make a huge difference in your mood and start your day off right. We encourage you to take that time for yourself, and hey – if you have a daughter who is about to become a young woman, this summer could be the perfect time to introduce her to the world of skincare!

Here’s our simple five step guide to help your complexion breeze through the holiday season. From dark circles to dry skin, our survival guide will cover it all and ensure that your skin is looking fresh, hydrated, and plump, even past your last New Year’s bash.

Take off the day

For a lot of us, holiday season usually means big lashes, bright lips, bold liner, and yes – a full face of foundation. Couple this with late nights and one too many cocktails, and chances are you’d want to collapse into bed without taking off your makeup. As tempting as that might be, that can lead to breakouts and dryness. Take two minutes every day to take off your makeup – even better, find ten minutes every week to give your skin some love with our Glow Face Pack, a rejuvenating deep-cleansing facial mask to penetrate deep into your skin and remove impurities.

Clean smarter, not harder

Holiday season means being more stringent about your cleansing routine, especially here in the southern hemisphere where we’re lucky enough to be heading into summer. Rather than reach for your heavy-duty winter exfoliator, make sure to double cleanse your skin after you remove your makeup. We love our Hingot Cleanser, which is nourishing enough to prevent dryness, but infused with natural antioxidants to prevent breakouts!

Quench your skin

As great as it is to spend Christmas at the beach, the pool, or an outdoor barbecue at a park, heat and sweat do not mix. Together, these elements can leave your skin dry, flaky, and in sore need of hydration. Be sure to sip on water throughout your day and limit your chilled alcoholic drinks to a sensible number. When you’re feeling particularly dry, touch up with a few spritzes of our Rose Mist to bring the glow back into your skin!

Sun smart is skin smart

Sunscreen needs to become a mainstay in your kit – if it isn’t already! UV is a top aging agent, and now that the days are getting longer, chances are you’ll be staying out in the sun more than you’re used to. Apply a good amount of non-comedogenic sunscreen over your moisturiser and before your makeup in the morning to keep your skin protected all day!

All about the eyes

The skin under and around our eyes are the thinnest and most delicate, and tend to show signs of age (and bad sleeping habits) before the rest. This holiday season, keep your under-eyes plump and hydrated by being diligent about applying eye cream. Ayurda’s Sparkle Eye Cream is formulated with all natural turmeric, red sandalwood, and rose to reduce fine lines, rejuvenate and brighten the eyes. 

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