Gift the gift of wellness this festive season

By Rippan Sandhu

You can rattle of your sun sign or your Blood type but do you know your Dosha, understanding the concept of Ayurveda may have unexpected payoff in Beauty and Wellbeing.

Know thy self : may be a sage advice but in beauty aisle it is tough one to follow, while you focus on treating the issues at Hand- a break out here, a fine line there, a new crop of grey hairs--- you can easily loose the sight of the root cause of your beauty woes. According to ancient practice of Ayurveda, to truly understand why our skin, mind or body react the way they do we need to look beyond mirror.

Ayurveda self- discovery starts with determining which of three dosha or mind body type: Vata, Pitta or Kapha best describe you. Everybody is born with combination of these energies or mix of dosha’s which correspond to nature’s element, but one typically governs emotional and physical make up. In modern terms we speak of this blue print as our inherited genetic code or DNA, a constant factor that does not change throughout life.

According to Ayurveda “Beauty and Wellbeing is as unique as the individual itself” so it pays to know your Dosha. Luckily, you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself.

Because we at Spa Ayurda have already done this for you. We are the only wellness spa, whose philosophy is based on Ancient Ayurvedic Principles. Which means it’s a breeze to decide the right therapy plan for yourself, using their individualised and customised approach.

We believe that treating the whole person leads to greater health and wellbeing. Our treatments are very therapeutic in nature and they go deep. When treatments are designed specifically for your unique make up they have a much deeper impact and offer a skin to soul experience. We do not advocate “one size fits all approach” and what works for one may not work for another.

All treatments at Spa Ayurda are customised for your unique needs and an experience in itself. We want to be seen as first choice when it comes to Spa wellness treatments. We use pure natural organic skin care range “Ayurda” and it is already catching attention in overseas market.

Ayurda is pure and intelligent Ayurvedic skin care that beautifully balance and nurture each individual’s unique skin. Ayurda skincare promotes wellbeing at the deepest level while achieving beautiful skin and preventing the effects of premature aging… naturally.

For a complete Ayurda experience or if you are thinking of giving you self-love head to Spa Ayurda and learn about your unique body type so that you spend less time treating your regular beauty concerns and more time restoring overall harmony and balance of your skin, hair and body.

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