Eating during the summer-to-autumn transition

By Rippan Sandhu

Autumn is officially here and although the days can be still be very warm, the nights have cooled considerably. It’s time to think about how the seasonal changes affect our bodies. Just like the leaves turn in the trees, ready to fall, our bodies experience something similar and want to naturally detox. That means we need to stock up on certain fruits and vegetables to enable this to happen.

Say we are at the junction between summer and fall. Our minds and bodies are accustomed to the weather and foods of summer. If we don't make changes in our diet and lifestyle to adjust to Vata (autumn) season when it arrives, this will disturb the balance in the body and impurities will accumulate.

There are few simple tips that will help make this transition smooth. From an Ayurvedic point of view our health is determined not only by the foods we eat but our ability to digest and metabolise those foods.

Avoid eating raw foods and instead favour cooked fruits or vegetables as we move into cooler months. For example, eating raw apple can increase Vata and can lead to constipation. Instead go for cooked or stewed apples or pears during this time: apple pies and baked pears are great autumn and winter foods. As we move into winter, slowly begin to eat more proteins and fats, hearty soups and stews.

On the hotter days it’s best to eat from the summer food list and include things such as steamed vegetables, coconut oil and fruits. Sip on room-temperature drinks such as water with cucumber or coconut water to make sure you keep hydrated.

On the cooler days eat from the winter list and include soups, stews, herbal teas and plenty of root vegetables. You can also add more proteins and fats to your diet, so supplement your soups with avocado, sesame oil or a little ghee.

Get ready for autumn looking and feeling your best by continuing to practice the traditional Ayurvedic way.

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