Deal the stress emergency with Ayurveda

By Rippan Sandhu

Look closely to your life.. is stress is playing the major role ..? Most of the people will say YES it does. Not only mental but also physical & emotional stress is contributing to most of the deceases. Ayurveda takes a different approach and it emphasis on the stress prevention rather than treating symptoms.There are three types of stress - Mental, physical or emotional. According to Ayurveda mental stress can caused by over thinking or erroneous thinking of the mind. Physical stress is related with overloading your body with excess work & emotional stress is directly related with problems in relationships or loss of a loved one.As a result one can feel depressed or hyperactive, get dramatic mood swings and faces problems with digestive system or sleep patterns.

Lack of energy and inability to concentrate is also a common disorders related to stress. In today’s era everyone has to multi task and it leads them to uneven life style, irregular eating habits and mad rush. Especially all women as we need to manage both home & work quite dynamically. Due to this inescapable situation many of us are suffering from a classic syndrome called “Rushing woman Syndrome”

There is no technical definition for this syndrome but women who often feels overwhelmed and always on the go balancing work and home; she is definitely one of many.

This situation leads to the stress and anxiety in such women as she wants to master so many tasks at the same time and completes none. Incompleteness leads to stress and then she starts worrying about the consequences..

Let me show you how it works...

When at every night I put alarm in my Smartphone, I juggle my next day in mind. Waking up at 5.30am, go to gym and exercise for one hour. 7 am will be back at home, make the breakfast thinking about dinner alternative.

In the morning, it starts with shorter bath negligible breakfast. While getting ready for the work I puzzled about my to -do’s. Traffic always frustrates me and I almost hustle to reach work most of the times. At work, my day looking filled out. I often miss my lunch or grab a coffee in-between, which keeps me going until afternoon... by midday slowly I start losing interest in work and my energy level goes down rapidly. Although I have my “To –do” list full; towards the end of the day most of the items are un- ticked and carried forward for the next day.. I look something easy to cook and cranky at evening thinking about where my time has gone! I go mad thinking about dinner options.. Finally, I cook dinner while thinking about my next day and soon after finishing dishes, I start looking at my Smartphone again!

Getting busy with everyday life is not a problem; the problem is when it takes over our emotions and makes us stressed and grumpy all the time. Have you noticed a significant change in your behavior pattern.. ? Recently I was shocked when my husband told me that, “Why you are so much aggressive now days. Where is my happy – go lucky wife.” Which triggers me deeply and I thought what is wrong with me.. Sounds familiar.. Isn’t it.. ? Do you often found yourself in similar mad rush situation... ?

If yes, we are here to give you some most effective ways to deal with it.

Fortunately, Ayurveda recognize this stress related problems thousands of years ago and enlighten the pathway much deeper way. Ayurveda relates this with “how to plan your dincharya - Daily routine to live life wisely. Here are our top 2 picks to eliminate stress from everyday life and restore the energy in our bodies.

Here are our top 3 picks

What’s the hurry...Slow down
Yes its bit challenging in today’s fast passed life but its good as gold! You have to let the hurry go and commit to a gentle approach towards yourself. Take your time, breath and focus on nourishing yourself. Wake up 15 min early than your usual time and do your favourite thing. Can be your favourite breakfast, listen to calm music or do your breathing. This is quite a nub & believe me, it is the beginning of your journey towards the wellness. Make a connection with the nature. Commit to a daily routine, waking up early, eating meals on time and going to bed on time gives cumulative benefits to your nervous system and it decreases stress levels. Make your own routine, which includes self-care, nourishment, exercise & relaxation to complete the circle. Eat a supportive diet and your body will respond intelligently.

Breathing & Yoga
Why give a hard gym work out when your body is already tired and asking some rest.. ? Take some time out and do the breathing . Relax and sit in a calm corner of your home or garden. Inhale slowly and deeply try to fill up lungs completely with air. Exhale consciously, expel all air from your lungs, repeat, and do it for 10 times. Start with 10 and you could go maximum 25.. do not over do it. Yoga is a very effective way to keep the stress under control. Some of the Aasanas you can find our Facebook page.

Invest in Self care
Let’s be honest, you won’t think twice while going out with friends and eating dinner out, but have you showed same enthusiasm while doing something for yourself.. There are quite a few alternatives to show some self love.. first is definitely a massage!
According to Ayurveda, a self-massage with oils heals the nervous system like no other. A loving self-massage with warm sesame oil builds a protective cover, which refuge the nervous system against stress. Return in balance with a healing Ayurvedic massage like Abhyanga. From thousands of years massage therapy has been used as a powerful tool in the holistic healing.

One should eat foods that are in season, read an inspiring book or simply take a day off to rest. Spend some quality time with your loved one & let the supportive relationship take away the stress.

We understand that it a lot of work we are asking you to do but a slow, steady, simple approach is able to make an astonishing difference. Be kind to yourself, be gentle, be warm & listen to your inner self. Embrace the change..

Take Care
Rippan and the Team at Spa Ayurda

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