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Building Immunity with Ayurveda

Pandemic threats are likely to make themselves known in future and taking great care of our body is the best chance for us to be prepared for anything that may come our way. Low immunity and poor health often shows up as susceptibility to flu, disease, allergies, fatigue, low energy, weakness, stress, depression and digestive issues - this can be caused by many factors such as poor diet, lifestyle and metabolic factors.

The key to our defence and repair is simple - how do we care for ourselves within our daily routine? Our focus should be on preventative healthcare that entails strengthening of the body’s defence systems and repairing unseen damage. Because of the more gentle approach, as opposed to a pharmaceutical approach, Ayurvedic interventions can be the best way forward. “Here comes the role of the holistic healing science of Ayurveda which places great emphasis on maintaining a balance of the body elements. The power of ‘Agni’ (digestive fire) is the key element determining one’s health. However, we give little importance to the right types of food and lifestyle.” Dr Ajit says. 

Dr Ajit urges people to follow an Ayurvedic regimen in building up immunity. A simple detoxifying drink such as warm water mixed with ginger, honey and lemon juice twice a day will help to flush toxins from your gut that can hinder your defences. In regards to all health issues, a preventative method is surely the most cost-effective? Simply adjusting diet and lifestyle regime according to Ayurveda, in turn builds your natural immunity, leading to decreased vulnerability to disease. Ayurveda’s approach to health is the preventative alternative we need for consistently balanced health and it enables us to treat issues at their root. The avoidance of processed foods, particular food combinations, the amount we eat, when we eat, when we sleep and how we incorporate self care can make the most difference to our immunity, wellbeing and Ojas overall (our essence of life). 

Here are a few ways you can adjust your lifestyle and diet for a strengthened immune and digestive system:

The optimal diet and routine does not always look the same for everyone and this is something that Ayurveda recognises - proper consultation and research of your unique constitution, along with diet and routine can be established for ideal health.

If you are seeking more information, Dr Ajit’s book ‘Ancient Secrets’ holds great insight into the power of Ayurvedic daily and seasonal routines, with guidelines which are relevant for the modern day. His book offers recommendations for you to adjust your daily routines and to address the specific health issues concerning you.

It is recognised that there is no quick solution when issues are often so deeply rooted, however once you have embarked on a routine suitable to you and your specific constitution, the long term benefits will soon start to become apparent. You can find this book for purchase on our website here.

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