Benefits of getting a couple's massage

By Rippan Sandhu

There’s no doubt that massage plays an important role in helping reduce stress, clearing the mind, and relaxing the body. But did you know, that a couple’s massage has many relationship benefits too? It’s a time for bonding and reconnecting with your partner in a truly relaxed environment. Read on to find out some of the ways a couple’s massage can improve your relationship.

Let’s you reconnect
Often couples are too busy to find time to be alone together – juggling work and family life leaves little us-time. During a couple’s massage your mind and body have time to fully relax and engage in an activity that can help couples reconnect.

Increases affection
Hormonal ups and downs can wreak havoc on relationships. Massage helps balance mood levels, stimulating the production of many feel-good hormones, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, all of which boost feelings of intimacy and affection.

A bonding experience
A couple's massage is a shared time to catch up with a partner; a chance to communicate without interruption. Or a time to simply enjoy the experience in companionable silence. Regardless of whether words are spoken, sharing a new experience can bring couples closer together.

Let’s you relax fully
It's not uncommon to feel a little intimidated if you haven't had a massage before. Sharing a couple’s massage can provide a level of comfort and familiarity if you’re a little nervous by the massage process or unsure what to expect.

Ideal for all couples
While a couple’s massage can be a romantic shared experience, it’s also perfect for bonding and relaxing with a close friend or family member. Mums and daughters, best friends find a real joy in sharing a couple's massage as it brings them closer together.

A personal therapy
Massage has a number of benefits, including helping reduce stress and muscle tension, improving blood flow and circulation, reducing pain and boosting the immune system. During a couple’s massage, each client receives unique treatments that are specific to their needs.

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