Ayurvedic Spring Clean

By Dr. Ajit

I am sure that all of you are getting excited with the coming of spring.  It is the time everyone has the chance to be active and really enjoy life after the cold, slow & dull winter. Many of us use this time to spring clean our homes, cleaning out the sluggishness of the cold months. Those of us who have better awareness also see this as a time to de-toxify or ‘spring clean’ our bodies.

Spring is one of the best times de-toxify, to remove all the toxins that can naturally accumulate in our system and make our bodies feel sluggish.

What is de-toxification?

De-toxification is a natural process to revive the bodily intelligence by eliminating the accumulation of toxins in our body tissues & cells.

What is the difference between Ayurvedic de-toxification and other natural de-toxification treatments?

Ayurvedic de-toxification is able to identify the areas in the body where toxins can collect and focus the de-toxification programme in these areas. For example, if one has an imbalance at the mental/nervous level due to a buildup of mental toxins, there is no point in just de-toxifying the body at a physical level.

Ayurvedic de-toxification can also correct the cause of the toxin accumulation rather than just treating the symptoms. It also will help to rejuvenate and revitalize your body at the same time by reviving the body's natural intelligence.

Ayurveda has the most effective & systematic de-toxification and rejuvenation programme available to medical science. Called Panchkarma, it has been used for centuries by those who wish to undertake a ‘spring clean’ of their bodies.

Panch means five & Karma, action. This programme consists of 5 different methods to de-toxify & rejuvenate the body at every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The programme consists of 3 different levels:

1. Preparation of the body
2. Main operation to de-toxify each bodily tissue in a systematic process
3. Post-operative programme that helps to nourish the body and revive its natural intelligence

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