Ayurda's Spring Detox Drinks

By Rippan Sandhu 

The environment that we live in these days is similar to an ocean of toxins, abnormal amounts of contamination, adulterated nourishment and so forth. Our daily routine and life challenges can throw us out of balance and create stress, anger and sadness which are known to induce toxins in the body. So it becomes very necessary that we flush off these chemicals in time. Yes, our body has the ability to handle toxins by itself, but there’s always a limit to it. Beyond this limit, symptoms start to pop up, and can also give rise to diseases. In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely necessary to detox our body periodically. Spring ideally is all about new beginnings, growth and flourishing. This spring let’s commit to sustaining and thriving through balance, deep breaths, clean closets and cleansed bodies! The two recipes below will help, you to cleanse and we’ve included some ayurvedic tips on the benefits of seasonal foods to further improve your total wellbeing

2 Easy Recipes for Spring Detox Drinks.

Cardamom and Fennel Detox Tea:
This detox tea is wonder tonic. It is a mixture of unique herbs that facilitate in cleansing your body and clearing toxins from the blood, kidney and liver. These spices help in opening up the channels in your body and facilitate to flush out the toxins via the skin, liver and through the urinary track. Ajwain and fennel are known for their use as digestive aids. Cardamom and Fennel also add aroma to your detox tea. And coriander is helpful for a bloated stomach and ginger is a superfood for digestion, respiratory tract and a great palate cleanser.

Add the following herbs to x3 litres of water:
2.3 cms piece of ginger, chopped
x4 green cardamom
x2 black cardamom ( available at Indian grocery stores)
x1 tablespoon of ajwain seeds- available at Indian grocery stores)
x1 teaspoon of fennel seeds ½ stick of cinnamon
x1 clove

Reduce to 1.5 litres, strain and drink throughout the day at least twice a week to support the continued elimination of toxins from your body.

Sweet and Sour Cleanse:
Add to a glass of warm water
½ tsp fresh grated ginger
½ tsp honey (always use unheated honey and only add when the water is not too warm)
½ tsp lemon juice

This drink will help to flush the toxins in the gut before they get reabsorbed., Ginger and lemon helps to scrape the toxins from the gut before they get reabsorbed.

Benefits from drinking both drinks this spring:

• Helps to eliminate waste from the gut
• Helps to regulate bowel movements
• Helps to kindle the digestive fire (agni)
• Helps to keep the bodily intelligences in balance

After a long winter, when our bodies are deprived of fresh nutrients and vitamin D a detox cleanse is the best thing you to restore your wellness.

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