Are you in optimum Balance?

By Rippan Sandhu

Adopt a simple Personal Daily Routine and feel fitter, lighter and more energetic

Have you been thinking about what is making you tired without any noticeable reason?

Have you recently noticed that your concentration has distorted when you are really trying to do something but just can’t focus? Or you get much anxious quite easily?

Allow me to shed some light on this. It simply reveals that your body is out of balance and your mind-body & soul are not in harmony with your inner self. The ancient healing science of Ayurveda provides multiple methods through which you can regain the health and restore the balance to your lives.

Last time we had talked about how you can do the spring cleanse through some simple steps. This time we will go in depth to discuss how you should plan your Dincharya (Daily Routine).

Let’s see how you are starting your day? After doing your daily cleansing the next step is brushing & bathing. For most people the definition of oral hygiene is brushing your teeth twice daily and beyond maybe also gargle with mouthwash or floss taking care of gums.. But the most important thing you are forgetting is your tongue. Doesn’t your tongue also deserve some attention? Do you know an Ayurvedic Expert is able to diagnose your body constitution & your metabolism pattern just from the colour of you tongue? Ayurveda considers “Ama” – toxin to be the beginning stage of any disease. Imagine you don’t brush for several days and the amount of toxins accumulating in your mouth and goes in with whatever you eat.. Disgusting isn’t it ! Than how can you let the toxin accumulated on your tongue which can be one of the cause your digestive pattern is uneven!

This is a scientifically proven fact that Tongue is one of the body’s several detoxification paths. Ayurveda has recognised this fact thousands of years ago and considered this as one of the most important daily routine one must have.

This is how you should do it.. When you wake up in the morning, remove the gunk on your tongue with a tongue scrapper. Normally its V shaped small metal tool. I have seen many people saying I use my Toothbrush for tongue scrapping; but it’s not recommended. It will not give the actual cleaning which can be easily achieved by a scrapper. Toothbrush will not remove the bacteria and will only relocate it. In nutshell there is no substitute available for a tongue scrapper. One should scrap the tongue before the brushing & start from the back and slowly scarp it all the way.

According to Ayurveda tongue is very important organ as apart from the physical part it also connects from our Pranic (Spiritual) body. The channel that controls speech ( saraswati nadi) it ends root in tongue. It’s believed that this channel keeps internal organs dieses free.

Here are our Top 3 reasons You should immediately start scrapping your tongue daily.

Avoid Bad breathing
Now it’s scientifically prove that scraping significantly reduces and removes oral bacteria which cause bad breath.

First line of defence
The reabsorb of toxins is prevented and this will boost overall immune system. As its well said

Enjoy the Taste
Your taste buds are tending to block if the gunk is not removed from the tongue and this will lead to inability to recognise the real taste & false cravings.

The above is only one component of an Ayurvedic daily routine. After some time this consistent routine turn in to good habit and start balancing your Doshas. Take charge of your health today and take this first step! Ayurveda prescribes the daily routine and the seasonal regime is the key to stay vibrantly healthy & active.

We will unfold every aspect of daily routine one by one for you and if you have any questions simply...
Call us on 09 360 0007 & we will be there to answer any of the queries you have in regards with your current routine!

Take care

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