Are we fulfilling our responsibilities towards our kids?

By Dr. Ajit

Everyone has a dream that one day they will have children and once they become parents, they feel so happy. Every parent does their best to provide every comfort to their little ones. They try to fulfil their child’s every desire, no matter how big or small. 

Whenever a child gets sick, we take them to the GP and get the best advice. When the same child starts getting sick frequently with bigger health problems such as cough, cold, runny nose, tummy ache or gastric reflux, which are common ailments of children, we never stop to think why is the child getting sick so often?

If a child must take Panadol constantly or a regular course of antibiotics prescribed by GP, what impact will that have on the little one? If the child is having skin problems like eczema or psoriasis, we apply cortisol creams, without a though of its impact on the child. And slowly, as the child’s tolerance towards medicine increases, that same happy child is now more irritable or cranky or has to be given more medicine for new set of problems. We all need to understand that the regular intake of such drugs is impacting on the child’s immune system and can also impact on child’s future life.

Ayurvedic science advises that as parents, we are responsible for our child’s wellbeing. Not many of us ever think that my child sickness or ailment is due to their diet and eating habits, which we have introduced as parents.  It is not the child who makes the decision to eat unhealthy foods such as bread, cheese, pizza, burgers, fries and cold milk or other such processed foods. It is we as parents who introduce these foods and make them susceptible to all sort of ailments in the future

If your child is frequently suffering from such ailments, then start making an effort to boost their immune system as regular use of antibiotics or other drugs can impact on the liver, which, as the largest metabolic organ in the body, will impact on a child’s digestion. Chyawanprash is one of the best natural immune boosters and rejuvenators for children. They can also take Sepnil Syrup to boost the immune system and prevent all sorts of infections from occurring.

If your child is suffering from digestive problems you should start giving Livelife syrup, one of the best ayurvedic preparations that protects and supports the liver 

In the same way if you child is getting coughs and cold regularly, you can give them Kofnil Syrup to counter this ailment.

Everyone of us who have a child for age of 6 months to 13 years can use these remedies at home so your children can be protected from such common problems:

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