Are herbs good for you?

By Dr. Ajit

We all find or try different way to live healthy. many feel taking supplements can help to fix their problems as they don't want to use all the time regular western medicine even though western medicine have their role in correcting the symptoms what one might have in particular ailment. But those who try to use some time so called natural supplements does not realize that there is not much difference between those products and western medicine. because both have one common aim to fix one's problem. more over in now a days so called natural or herbal products are in fact only name sake Natural/ herbal products . as if you check the ingredients list after one or two maximum herbs others will be all various VIT B12 B1 VIT C VIT k or SO ON. 

HERBAL PRODUCTS REAL definition is the products which purely have simple crude raw herbs and selected with a clear focus that they can not only correct the present symptoms what user is suffering from BUT also correcting the cause of the problem they suffer from. For example ---if one is suffering from some liver disorder either sluggish liver or fatty liver issues if you taking a supplement that can supplement those function what sluggish liver cant do --- one is only achieving benefit in correcting those symptoms that one is having due to the issue. But the moment you stop that particular product those symptoms will come back. it means your liver has not got better and one become Salve of those products most of their live and in addition down the track might have to add few more supplement as some other related organs will also getting affected. In this situation one WONDER is there any such products which can correct the core cause of problem and improve liver function and make liver to secrete those secretions which in fact it cant due to sluggishness or other issue rather only fixing my symptoms. 

ANSWER IS YES--ONE NEED TO LOOK Towards Authentic Ayurvedic products either in capsule form or simple herbs or other herbal liquid. Why I wrote WORD authentic is for a reason. because now a days so many products are pout in market on name of AYURVEDIC PRODUCTS WHICH IN fact has nothing to do with Ayurveda. Hence one only need to look those Ayurvedic products which are made according to traditional Ayurvedic preparation methods , only those products are able to correct the problems from root by correcting and improving the function of that particular organ. Hence you never need to be slave of those products .

One wonder where we can buy such products?

These products are available from many Ayurvedic pharmacies those prepare products on these traditional Ayurvedic principles. In Australia one online -shop---SURYA AYURVEDA also offer such products and you can Trust the efficacy of these products as these products has been used by me personally in my 38 years of clinical practice where i have used these products on thousand and thousands of my clients for various problems ranging from simple Hay fever to Arthritis, stress, depression , hormonal imbalances , Adrenal fatigue syndrome, skin disorders, menopause related issues, kids problems such as ADD , OCD, Autism and many more .For YOUR total WELL BEING ONLY USE Ayurveda PRODUCTS.

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