An Exclusive Men’s Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine

By Rippan Sandhu

Ayurda’s skin care is formulated with natural yet powerful ingredients that penetrate and work on the skin from the inside out. They work on the skin on a cellular level unbiased of gender or age and while previous products your man has used may have seemed heavy or thick in order to penetrate male skin they don’t need to be.  To answer one of the frequently asked questions we are asked, “is Ayurda skin care suitable for men?”, yes.  The routine differs but not the products.

Should men use a skin care routine? 

Definitely, like women, men are prone effects from the elements, aging and skin problems and having a daily routine doesn’t need to take much time but doing so will improve how your skins looks and feels.

An Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine for Him

Step 1:

Take our skin test to find out what your dosha or skin type is.

Step 2:

Cleanse.  We’re often asked if men should cleanse and moisturise if they have beards and the answer is a definite yes.  Normal soap is not a good cleanser for your face, most soaps contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin whereas an Ayurda cleanser will remove oils and toxins without harming your skin’s balance.

Step 3:

The main difference in a routine between men and women is exfoliating.  It’s a fact that most men do not exfoliate! Exfoliating twice a week will remove dead skin and dirt while stimulating the skin to give it a natural glow. 

Shaving in itself is a form of exfoliating but it can strip the skin, we suggest using a gel scrub or invigorating scrub (depending on your dosha) as a gentle, nourishing exfoliator.

Step 4:

Moisturise twice a day using a gentle and light cream in the morning to protect and hydrate with a more intensive nourishing cream in the evening.  Pay particular attention to your eyes, skin around the eyes doesn’t have the same oil producing cells so using an eye cream will help reduce wrinkles while brightening the skin, a bit of sparkle!

Step 5:

This one isn’t for when you have the guys coming over as you’ll never hear the end of it but once or twice a week your skin will thank you for using a mask.  Try our turmeric mask which you can make yourself at home for really smooth, glowing skin.

Our try-me sized 21-day programmes are a perfect way to get your man using the right skin care for his particular dosha (skin care is never a one-size-fits-all approach)

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