A Face Mapping Primer for Beginners

By Rippan Sandhu

Ever noticed how your skin blemishes seem to congregate around the same areas of your face during specific times or with specific routines? 

If you think you’ve noticed a pattern – you’re absolutely right. Our faces are roadmaps to the overall health of our bodies, and we just have to learn to read them. According to Ayurvedic tradition, each area of your face corresponds with a bodily function and reflects the health in that particular arena! Read on to discover how this ancient wisdom can lead you to beautiful, clear and glowing skin! 

If you’re suffering from …


The forehead reflects your small intestines and bladder – in other words, your digestive health. Have a think about your recent routine – are you taking the time to eat your food, or are you having one too many working lunches? Are you drinking your eight glasses a day? Have you been drinking more alcohol, eating more spicy food and grease? 

Go back to the basics of good, clean meals and don’t forget to be mindful of your food: put your work aside, chew, and go easy on your gut! These small changes can clear away any digestive issues you might be suffering from, leading to clear skin from the inside out. 


Your cheeks form the majority of your most important bodily functions. Where your upper cheeks reflect the health of your heart, your right cheek reflects your respiratory system and your left cheek reflects your ‘detox centre’, your stomach and liver. Under-skin acne and persistent rosacea are common in these areas and can be a nightmare to be rid of – because it may require big lifestyle changes rather than simply drinking more water! 

If you’re a smoker and you’ve been suffering blemishes in this area for some time, this could be a sign from your body to quit. Persistent acne in this area could also be an indication that you need to get a cap on your cholesterol and blood pressure – light cardio and aerobic activities three or four times a week could improve these functions. Even something as simple as a morning walk to take in the fresh air could do wonders for getting your blood moving and lead to clearer, plumper skin that’s easier to maintain in the long run!

CHIN AND JAW BLEMISHES                                                                                               

Skyrocketing work stress? That time of the month? The chin and the jaw are associated with your hormonal system, which can be thrown out of harmony by any stress that you might be going through, or simply your menstrual cycle. So in a way – this is both the most normal and most lifelong of your blemish issues. Mixed blessings! Minimise stress where you can and take the time to be kind to yourself – practice a short five minute meditation, or self-massage with oil each morning to promote calm and positivity, and stay away from irritating foods during that time of the month.

By taking note of nature’s cues, we can begin to heal our skin from the inside out. We won’t lie to you – this is harder, longer work than simply slapping on an over-the-counter acidic acne treatment from the local pharmacy, but these results tend to have a longer shelf life.

At Ayurda, we believe that our skin is a reflection of our body. If every aspect of your body is working harmoniously with each other in peak condition, then your skin will reflect that health. Beautiful skin is not a collection of products or even something you have – but a lifestyle you choose everyday.

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