5 Simple Gestures DAD would absolutely adore (and they don’t cost a thing!)

By Rippan Sandhu

1. Cook him his favourite meal
We’ve heard it enough of times – Men LOVE food. So, we’re starting this list of with something dad would absolutely love. You know what he loves – you’ve seen him rave above it or indulge in it. Maybe mum cooks it for him on special days. Well you have a special day right here, so grab that apron, put on a chef’s hat and get cooking. But before you do, make sure the fire alarm is working (or an elder is around!

2. Clean his car out for him (or his garage!)
He works long hours or may have a lot on his plate, and we all know that he could use a helping hand here and there. Put on your cloves and clean out his car for him and while you are at it spray his favourite car fragrance in it. If you know your way around the garage, we all know it could do with some dusting? Believe us, he would appreciate the gesture.

3. Arrange a barbecue party with his mates – and be the one barbequing
Who doesn’t like to get along with their mates and enjoy some good food and his favourite music – no one we know! Call his friends up and get them all together this weekend, you could even talk to his friend kids and see if you can arrange for this together. As they say – the more the merrier!

4. Say Thank You Write him a note of how much you appreciate him
You look at dad as the ‘strong one’ – someone who is there rock solid with you and barely ever emotes. He’s the one taking care of situations by being the one people look at in emotional times. Want to see that change? Just write him a small note telling him how much you appreciate and love him and watch him melt.

5. Give him a head massage – we’ll tell you how!
Create a mini spa at home. It’s easy – we’ll tell you how;

• Pick his favourite comfortable chair in the house and put it at a spot with the best view. Take a side tiny table and put a fluffy cushion on it to create a foot rest. Light candle and burn some incense around the chair. Put on some calming music.
• Heat some oil; use coconut, sesame or almond oil that may be in the house. To heat the oil, take a bowl of hot water and insert a smaller bowl with the oil in it (your very own double boiler in a minute!).
• Start with gently massaging his shoulders; from the outside going inside towards his neck – repeat 5 times. Then move on to his neck gently using your thumb to create circular relaxing strokes upwards along his spine and sideward.
• Take some oil and apply it to his hair gently and using the tip of your fingers press in circular motions on his scalp. Then use your fingers to gently massage this forehead and scalp to his liking. Finish with a gentle ear massage.

He knows you are not a professional so don’t stress – he would love the gesture! Or better still - book him one now!

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